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A experience in waking up

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Some ponder why skydivers do what they do, others dismiss the activity as pure insanity, but the question remains...Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? There are a number of very good reasons. Firstly, it's the most adrenaline intense rush you can get, think of it...you hurl yourself out of an airplane, and fall towards the earth only to defy gravity's plan for you. Those first few seconds, out of the plane are the most fun, when you're "going down the hill". This is the term used to describe the way your body adjusts from a horizontal speed of approx. 100mph to a vertical one of about 110-130mph. This is the point where you feel that your stomach is going to be tossed out your toes, trust me, it's way more fun than ANY rollercoaster. After your body adjusts to the downward fall rate, motion is limitless. You can spin, roll, go "head down" for a fantastic view, and an even faster fall rate. Then, at about 4,000ft (you jump at about 13,000) you pull your parachute. The world goes dead silent. 1o seconds ago, the wind deafened any attempt at sound, or verbal contact with other skydivers, but now, you are free to pollute the silence, any way you see fit. Some scream, laugh, cry, whatever. It's up to you. There's just something about seeing the curve of the earth to get a perspective on reality and the world. *safety note-Any major malfuctions of your equiptment can put a serious damper on your skydiving career, of course, but keeping yourself well informed, and well trained by a professional instructor can insure that all your jumps are safe ones. Just for you sticklers...if after reading this, you still want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, do some research-i can't be held accountable for your insanity, but i'm doing a good job of fostering my own! smiley - smiley

A experience in waking up

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If at first you don't succeed: Skydiving is not for you!

A experience in waking up

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Researcher 214550

Perfectly good airplane???
I'd never even climb to that damn thing if i hadn't got a 'chute!

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