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Corfu ... More like "Cor Phew", for temperate climate read ... HOT!!
The fish is good though smiley - fish


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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

I guess "temperate" means it's a place where brass monkeys can enjoy a winter break. smiley - winkeye



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Drool Frood the Second

I aggree I'm convinced that I lived there or one of the other Greek Islands in a past life.Its a wonderful island .Don't forget that Corfu is abundant with olive trees.You may have heard the story of why olive trees have such twisting and twining trunks that is because
the original olive tree was 2 lovers who upset the Gods and were
turned into an olive tree.
A bit twee I know but a nice touch none the less.
Also I love the feta cheese,In Corfu you can get this wonderful fried cheese -I don't think it is Halloumi but something similar.Oh yes of course Corfu is also famous for pizza.I think this came over from Italy being that it is so close.


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I went to corfu many years ago when I was a child -before tourism took off. Benitses had one hotel. Rest of the island was deserted. No pizza it must be a recent import. Cheap brandy, and a melon man who lived under his stall. You can fry fetta cheese too. Add garlic and mint to oil and pour over grilled feta. mmm


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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Corfu summer 1974, 2pm. Drunk on ouzo, flaked with feet poking out the side of tent.

Extremely burnt feet.

The nights get cold. Burnt feet and car heaters = extreme pain.

It wasn't all bad. The ouzo was cheap.


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Drool Frood the Second

Bring forth copious amounts of ouzo!!
I love it.
The last time I went to Corfu was ten years ago so pizzas been there
for a while.
Must try fried feta though.
Peta,nice to hear from you again.Still in Gay Paris??????


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Researcher 93445

Never been there myself, but I seem to recall it as the setting of Gerald Durrell's MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS. Or perhaps that was another island starting with "C". I've got a copy of the book around here somewhere, but with 4000 other books in the house, well...simpler to post unfounded speculations.


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Hi there Drool Frood. Yes, back from France now. It was good though. Where did you stay in Corfu can you remember? I went to Benites when I was a child, and then Kassiopi several times much later on. Great fun place.


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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

HOT? You must have been there at the end of the summer.

I worked there for almost a year back in 1980, and consider it
was a peak experience, even though the work (managing a stable)
was gruelling. The weather is only holiday-like between May and
September; the rest of the time it rains and rain and rains.

Anybody who has been there recently, is there still a Golf
Hotel just north of Corfu town?

Asteroid Lil


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Check out Ypsos, the beach and the night life is great. Vistit Hector's, and all other 35 bars there to get free
coctails and meet nice people.


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I have been to Corfu about 10 times and all over the med.
I agree Ypsos is a cool place for night life.
Now i'm older however I love Paleocastritsa (means old monastery or castle) as it is the most scenic place in the Med. Great for walks (if you are fit!) and with brilliant taverna's esp. Neried and Dolphin snack bar - is this one of the best places to have breakfast in the entire world - I think so!
Michalas travel is a great place for info. and they let out an excelent apartment called seaside.
They are on e-mail: talk to Georgia
[email protected]
We went in October and we had 9 perfect days then built an ark and got in two by two! September is the best month.
Cheers smiley - smiley


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Researcher 223479

Just in case you were on a hunt for the finest cocktail bar in Corfu. Summer Moments in dassia is as real gooden (it was call summer momnets when i was there). The Barman is a Greek guy but with perfect english even though it is in an american accent! His names Mike and he knows infinate amounts of drinks and cocktails off the top of his head. On yeah the bar has got nearly every variation of every drink ever. I recall about 27 types of whisky, I tasted a few myself!!

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