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Is it just me or . . .

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OK . . . I agree, this is a great piece (starring Willie Nelson no less - can't get much better than that!) BUT . . .

am I the only person who thinks that the last people who should be sold alcohol are truckdrivers driving huge beasts of trucks across vast distances? Isn't the alcohol likely to impede their judgement, or more likely, react strongly with all the amphetamines they take to keep them awake? Or am I missing something about the cultural importance of truckers and their truckstops?!!

Is it just me or . . .

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Zach Garland

As far as I can tell, Carl's Corner is where some truckers go to have a meal on the way somewhere, and late at night it's where many just park their cabs and fall unconscious for awhile. Whether a trucker is intelligent enough to know how much alcohol he can consume, and still accomplish his job, is up to each indivdual trucker's responsibility. It's not Carl's responsibility. He makes it available.

Carl just knows these guys like to drink, and has made a place quite literally in the middle of nowhere which supplies this need. I can honestly say now that I have been to Carl's Corner, so I know of what I speak.

Is it just me or . . .

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I agree with Zach, but I must also agree with Natski.

Truckers do know their limit, but not all of us want to keep to that limit, after all them roads can be pretty stressful at times...

Sorry for butting in...


Is it just me or . . .

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As a truck driver (and a Willie fan) I have found Carl's as a welcome oasis in a world cookie cutter truck stops. I will admit if I am shutting down for the night I may have a beer, but I believe that 10 hours is ample time for me to "sober up" after 1 or 2 beers. I also believe any truck driver out there would have the sense to be sober before he (or she) got behind the wheel. besides most Pilots and Loves truck stops sell beer, and there you have to take it in to your truck to drink it, that is against the law. So God bless Carl's for giving me a place to get out and stretch my legs and have a cold beer.

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