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Fry and Laurie

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Can anyone think of any other actors who could have done a better job than the truely wonderful job Fry and Laurie have done as Jeeves and Wooster? I cannot think of anyone other than Laurie who could look as gormless, feckless and yet harmless as Wooster is. As for Fry as Jeeves...nuff said, the guy's a master.

I'd hate to think who would be cast in a movie version...probably Hugh Grant as Wooster for a start...oh dear...

Fry and Laurie

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How did they manage to find two actors so absolutely perfect for the parts? It was exactly how I pictured them. Some people have said that they think Fry makes Jeeves too camp. Rubbish in my opinion I think he's absolutely splendid. smiley - smiley

Fry and Laurie

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Ella Fitzgerald

The only real problem with Fry & Laurie (who I love) is that Bertie's a little too old and Jeeves is a lot too young (and speaks rather too much before asking permission ...). The BBC radio version has Richard Briers and Michael Hordern, and frankly they are perfect in every way!

But even they lack Fry & Laurie singing 'Minnie the Moocher' ("Ho de ho de ho de ho, sir ..."), which is unbeatable!

Fry and Laurie

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I dread to think who'd they'd cast as Jeeves!!

Fry and Laurie

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Fry had a good stab at it, but the definitive Jeeves was Arthur Treacher in Thank You Jeeves (1936).
Alas, only very very old people will have heard of him.

Fry and Laurie

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I'm definitely in the Fry & Laurie camp for best casting of J&W ever.

I find Richard Briers' Bertie intensely annonying - he sounds like a cow throughout the whole reading - umming and aahing and ruminating loudly. I think he plays Bertie too dim and misses the altruism which is at the centre of the character.

As to Laurie being too young, what nonsense. Bertie is a 30-something lad, quite clearly to me at least.

Can't comment on the 1939 version I'm afraid as I've never seen it.

Fry and Laurie for president, I say!

Fry and Laurie

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Fry and Laurie are, to me the only people who could ever play Jeeves and Wooster. Their performance is definitive. It is a shame that no more episodes have been made recently. Other than this, the only reasonable response is: smiley - biggrin

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Fry and Laurie

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