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Rickshaw Splat

Even though it is supposed to be made from Japanese Horseradish I heard recently that most commercially made Wasabi is actually made from English Mustard. Is this true?


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Kopaylopa aka. Kayla Poponayla

I would imagine it would depend on where you are buying it from. The stuff I buy is most definitly not mustard. Not having had english mustard as opposed to any other sort on the market I would not be able to discuss the flavor variances, but wasabi has a very particular flavor which I have never experienced with any variety of mustard. The best way to find out would of course be to read the ingredients. My little jar of powder only lists 'japanese horseradish' and that's good enough for me.


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Any that i've tasted has had a very definite horseradish-y flavor -- quite distinct from mustard. Do believe that the plants are from the same family. Being lazy, i buy mine ready-mix. Outstanding with hard salami on a bagel! Would NOT have in same meal with kimchi.


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English mustard is quite similar to wasabi, but you can tell the difference (I think).
If I run out of English I sometimes use a bit of wasabi, and it really hits the spot!

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