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Japanese-Mexican Sushi

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Since the popular introduction in North America of sushi, such things as California rolls have developed (yum). A fusion of ingredients.

While dining on some real Mexican food and thinking about how on Earth Tex-Mex came about (and what relation it could possibly have to what I was eating) - I wondered - Japanese-Mexican?

A sushi taco could contain the following toppings:

Shredded Pork or Beef
Nopal Cactus pieces
Avocado (already been done!)
Chile chunks
Maiz pieces (corn)
Huitlacoche (maiz fungus - probably a topic for later)
Toasted maguey grubs.

The rice would be the standard sushi style. A good dried red chili or tomato-chili salsa for flavouring.

For a wrapping try a frech corn tortilla. Or for a Northern Mexican style a dried beef flour tortilla wrapped roll.

This may create some confusion as "Taco" may be taken to mean "octopus".

Japanese-Mexican Sushi

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Dandelion Pegleen

Hi Dudemeister - may I order two sushi tacos to go? Both with seaweed tortillas, one with tuna, avocado, maiz & hutlacoche, the other with nopal cactus, yellowtail and tosted maguey grubs. Lots of wasabi & pickled ginger, please! smiley - winkeye

Japanese-Mexican Sushi

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After cleansing your palette with a slice of ginger (or perhaps pickled jalapeno pepper). Try stimulating the appetite with a small glass of tequila-sake. (see 100% tequila http://www.h2g2.com/A154441)

Japanese-Mexican Sushi

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I've eaten fish taco's in arizona and in Venezuela had octopus on pizza. (Sure its not mexican but it's a unexpected mix) It sure beats anchovies.

Japanese-Mexican Sushi

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I suppose you could plonk an octopus in the middle of the pizza and spread the legs out evenly to divide up the circle into 9 pieces.

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