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How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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now heres my view ive allways thought that dragons could be and are realthey just seam so probable any1 see that dragon documentary on channel 2 i think it just aplies to my life and ive had a few recent suspicions that im becoming something like one first point i may not have scales but my veins have been getting bigger as if to fuel something bigger ie dragon bodyand im growing at a ridiculiusly fast rate my mums a docter and she says it weirdly fast also im getting much faster snappyer and stronger and people hit me and grab there hand in pain so i think im becoming part dragon or something also ive allways seen the more mystical side of them and ive been having breif moments when im disey and i grab at my head then after feel kind of serenitised (is that even a word?) allso i keep getting the feeling that i have some kind of controll over fire i mean at a restraunt i look at a candle and just picture it and it grow or dies so another thing to back up my theory of becoming part dragon and i like it ^^

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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smiley - star Whoaa, slow down my friend. Let me say I'm happy to have met another mystial creature like you. I sincerely hope there're many more out just like you. Sigh... if only other werewolves in this website would pay more attenton to me.smiley - fullmoon

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Like, for the dragon prob with claws, couldn't it kinda be a spiritual thing. You know, my friend went crazy convinced he was a dog. He grew out of it but some times his shadow is really dodgey. I don't know. Any way if wrong, no offence ment. Although i'd much rather be a werewolf than a dragon, much easyer to do stuff...

Rock on, magic beleavers
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How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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