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How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Prideth - Queen dragon - protector of otters, and otternuts alike

I am Prideth, queen dragon smiley - dragon of Phareele which is an alternate dimension. Due to human persecution of our kind by such as St. George, (how they could call him a saint for slaying us I do not comprehend!), we have taken refuge in these dimensions for our own protection.

We are friendly and wise creatures of magic and I have never eaten any human who did not deserve it. We as a species are very fussy in our diet and human flesh is rather bland! We welcome those who are kind and believe! That includes those of all species. My siblings, Ricliahn and Sterliahn both have Earth creatures as soul mates. A spotted dolphin and a mimic octopus, as they are aquatic dragons. I myself am airborn and my soul mate is Pandion the griphon. We are linked telepathically to our soul mates at the precise moment of hatching. This is a delicate process and unfortunately some do not survive the process.

I do hope this clears up any misconceptions regarding our existence and lifestyle.

Believe in the MAGIC!smiley - magic

Prideth bugles "Goodbye!" smiley - biggrin

P.S. When it comes to colour there are a myriad of them. I myself am many-jewel coloured, and my colours change with my mood just like an Earth chameleon's does.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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i am a human i believe.
iv'e had a close relationship with dragons since i was 8 and continue 2 draw them in my free time


How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Prideth - Queen dragon - protector of otters, and otternuts alike

Well met Sas smiley - biggrin

Delighted to meet you, especially as you smiley - love us smiley - dragons! If I may enquire, what happened when you were 8 to make you fall for us creatures of the smiley - dragon ilk?

smiley - wowsmiley - cool you draw us too!!! smiley - magic

Prideth smiley - dragon

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Foxdragon - Resident Pyromancer

Greetings fellow dragons and dragonesses!

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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As a fairy i happen to know a lot of dragons, never had privalige of meeting you tho Queenie. think it is best that majority of humans do not believe in either of us. As if they did they would only want to put us in cages at a zoo.that doesnt exactly strike me as a fun time. seen as we both live for quite a while it would be a ery dull wy to live. however your big enough to look after yourself. so good luck.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Now, now, that is just a stereotype... we humans do not automatically put every creature that we find into a zoo or shove you off to have experiments performed on you by mad scientists. Many of us are fairly enlightened and reasonable. I, for example, would hide and keep my distance and hope that the dragon or fairy which I have run into does not have a good sense of smell. smiley - smiley I would also assume that I am dreaming and try to make the best of it. Most of the dragons that I ever met showed up in my dreams, including one claiming to be a Queen. I have not met many in a long time, since I am too busy for dreams.

Hell, even if you were thrown in a zoo then the world's liberals would riot and come to your rescue. Now, if you were trapped as an attraction in Disneyworld and explained away by "animatronics..." THEN I would worry. smiley - winkeye

I'd love to hear our resident dragon queen explain how she uses a computer... claws ought to be a bit troublesome, I'd imagine. And I don't want to hear anything about being able to shapeshift into a human, either.

bionicSlug: Human, Shapeshifter, Cynic, Optimist by Appointment on Alternate Thursdays Only, Grand Master of Unnecessarily Long Titles

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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i belive in dragons to , but their a devil to draw.(sorry not insult meant

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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It's Good to meet more who still believe. I run into so many non-believers, it makes me sick. It reminds of a poem my friend once showed me by Jack Prelutsky(hope I got the name right) It is as follows

Once they all believed in dragons
When the world was fresh and young,
We were woven into legends,
Tales were told and songs were sung,
We were treated with obeisance,
We were honored, we were feared,
Then one day they stopped believing
On that day, we disappeared.

Now they say our time is over,
Now they say we've lived our last,
Now we're treated with derision
Where we once ruled unsurpassed.
We must make them all remember,
In some way we must reveal
That our spirit lives forever--
We are dragons! We are real!

No matter what people say, we do exist. Dragons are real, and I hope someday that all people will be able to admit that.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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if you are trying to draw dragons then try drawing lots of ramdom animal bodyparts, scale is not very important.Try goat head and horse sholders with bits of egale or fish or any old thing. all dragons are ment to look different anyway, and some might look odd to humans, trust, i do this for a living.smiley - smiley

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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I am not a dragoness, but believe me, I'm working on it. My fiendish ways only go as far as accedentaly breaking my sister's arm, and stealing a few non-valuable items. I have not yet had the privelege of meeting a dragon in person, but have been corresponding with one Myredel over the internet for quite some time, and we are planning to meet in person soon. I have discovered that I can controle lightening and have a patch of hard scaly like skin growing rapidly on the back of my neck, although even with that developement, I still can't tell whether I am turning into a dragon, or a gnome!


How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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I am but a humble werewolf, but I support your actions intirely, Your Majesty Queen Prideth. St. George is no hero, he's a killer. The same goes with all those who take pleasure in the slaying of dragons, authors & videogame directors alike. We werewolves have also been persecuted.

Oh, & for you my Majesty, I have a very interesting secret to share. DRAGONS, like your Majesty, have 4 legs & wings made from flesh on outstretched ribs on the sides of the body. WYVERNS only have 2 legs & true wings (their wings are their arms).

The painting of 'Saint George slaying the Dragon' shows old iron head killing a 2-legged, true-winged reptilian. The sky above the 'dragon' is clear & bright with the Sun shining its rays of light. The sky above St. George is dark % cloudy, the coming of a storm (or darkness). Suspicious, your Majesty?

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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oh, thanks for clearing that up once and for all. wyverns have two legs, dragons four? makes sense.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Re the main article: "the flag Wales still proudly displays the red dragon" etc.
The flag of Cymru (i.e. Wales) is simply the coat of arms of the Cadwallader family and was only adopted as the "flag of Wales" in the 1950s. There's no Welsh Dragon in the so-called Union Jack.

The late astronomer Carl Sagan, usually reliable, mentions dragons in the introduction to one of his books (book is misplaced at the moment but when it turns up I'll give details). The important point is that when I checked the source (in the Old Testament) I discovered that Biblical dragons are merely jackals.

Midnightreddragon is the genuine Welsh article. When he was a young boy he had red hair and, they say, a temper to go with it.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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A very useful & interesting piece of information. It seems that the noble dragons go as far back as Holy History itself. Thank you for your information, my friend.smiley - starsmiley - angel

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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It's sad but true. Wyverns lack the intelligence, wisdom & serenity of dragons. They also lack human-understanding. They're savage by nature, chasing their prey non-stop till they finally caught them. They're true reptiles being cold-blooded (dragons are warm-blooded). For centuries, these savage creatures have been terrorising humanity. Unknowledgable humans thougt they were dragons, & many innocent dragons have been slain.

Dragon-lovers, rejoicesmiley - cheers at the truth. Dragon-haters, get it through your thick skullssmiley - sadface. Wyvern-lovers.... don't eat me, I'm merely telling the truthsmiley - star.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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First off, I think dragons are pretty cool. Fair enough. There you go. HOWEVER...

This is the sort of thing that I can shake my head at. And, to anyone else brave enough to read such a conversation could probably agree with me. Now, don't go off on a flame war with me (coughcough) and I'm not denying it outright. I'm just saying that it's very easy to say one is a dragon, be it spirit or flesh (>_&gtsmiley - winkeye on the internet.

I have some questions that arise from such conversations.

1) How the heck can you type? Don't you dare give me that weredragon crap. Indestructible keyboards?
2) How the heck did you find a place to live, being a "dragon", or even purchasing a computer for that matter. However, lackeys are nice.
3) Why would you even go out and say something that obviously cheesy? Good grief. Is "Hello" and "See ya" not good enough? Sorry, that was harsh. It is a valid point, though.

Magic? If it existed it would be known by now. Seriously. It is definitely possible dragons exist but they so far have done a very, very good job of hiding it. OK.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Magic does exist, my dear Gold_Dragon. It's everywhere.Even alchemists konw that, & I ain't no alchemist. There're Trapped Magic in all of Nature. In the rainbow after the rain & in the wind-blown sands. Even the smallest seed in the forest may contain the powerful Trapped Magic of an ancient oak. Wizards, witches, sorcerers & alchemists have been using Trapped Magic for eons. I am but a humble apprentice, studying wizardry at the School of Tutelage at the University of Wizardry of the Learned Society, & I assure you they're real.

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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[Remember The Magic]-Brian McKnight

Can you remember
Back to a simpler time
Back to the watercolor days
That still runs through your mind

Oh, I remember just my old friend and me
Runnin’ through an open field
The way it used to be

The feeling that our hearts could take wings
We could live out all our dreams
The journey there was never far away

But like a dream come true
That’s still inside of you
The secret of tomorrow is
To live your dreams today

Remember the night
Remember the feeling
Remember the magic
In our lives

You opened up my eyes
To a new world revealing
So remember the magic
Just remember the magic
One more time
Oh, remember

Do you remember
The way it used to feel
When love was only make-believe
And fairy tales were real

Oh, I remember
You were with me once again
Free to live our fantasies
It never has to end

The feeling that our hearts would just take wings
We could live a world of dreams
Together we could sail against the wind
And now I know where to begin
How to find it all again
From now on until forever

Remember the time
Remember the feeling
Remember the magic
In your eyes

You opened up my heart
And you gave life new meaning
So remember the feeling
Just remember the magic
One more time
One more time
Remember the magic

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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Right. And I'm a Unicorn Princess with shining pink wings.

One question: how do you manage to type with claws?

How can you question the existence of us dragons?

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smiley - star It's all about CONTROL. Plus a bit of grace & style.smiley - fullmoon

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