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Of course dragons exist.

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Weren't they bullfrogs?

Of course dragons exist.

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No I am not,I am asmiley - fullmoon. Read this....Here is a story About what happend to me.
smiley - dragon
P.s What you are about to read is true...

Are any of you wolves?
Do you appreciate the moon as much as I do?
Can you talk telephathicly with animals like I can?
What was your wolf name?

I had one brother named Lakota, but since I am no longer a wolf,
I don't Know what happend to him or were he is at.

I really want to be back in my old body. smiley - star

But none of us are crazy, and don't be ashamed.
We are who we are.
And yes the werewolf theories are true.smiley - fullmoon
smiley - footprints
Even if you don't beleive us it's true.
I am a wolf.
I got killed now I am stuck in human form.
My wolf name was Kuin.
My mother was a white wolf.
That's were I got my White fur from.

My brother looked just like my wolf father,he was black
with crimson eyes. smiley - marssmiley - mars

There are many of my kind still out there.
Even though I look more human ,My spirit remains wolf.
My memory only comes back a little at a time.
I can still talk telephathic with animals. smiley - peacedove
And I still love the moon. smiley - moon

Of course dragons exist.

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Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

I've always been a Dragon .. Only i am on earth on Human Form and always able to change forms if needed *grinz*

I cannot die nor be killed by Human Weapons ..
I got a thick Golden Scale Armour that protects me against it .. so yeah i could fly and walk arround in Dragon form ...

I also speak a Dragon Language i Don't know if anny of you have a compleet work list on the Languages i know there are a couple differn't ones ..
am eager to learn them all but do need lists with the words to be able to do that ..

At the moment i got 1 draco language on a incompleet list ..
so anny help with that wiould be apriciated.


CrimsonNoire's Ara a Athi

Of course dragons exist.

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Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

All nice theory's but still aint gettin us annywhere near the subject ....

all we got ehre are Aliens now .....

and yeah Dragons Do exist ...
I am a Golden Dragon ..

I am the Protector of the state of Friesland and the Queen Dragon called CrimsonDragon .

I've Been arround for Over 6100 years now and Will be for manny and manny more *grinz*

I am a Sorcerer Dragon ...
Am runnin in a very thin line between being a Good and a Evil Dragon ...
My Queen is an Evil Dragon so it makes sense why i am that ...

I also Speak 1 of the Dragon Languages .. i know there are more differnt ones .. am still looking for more of it so if annyome has some do let me know .. am intrested in it

Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. The Queen's ( CrimsonDragon ) 1st Knight and Protector.

Of course dragons exist.

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Hey,if any one needs to contact Raven,contact Hushpaw,I changed my nickname,The whole thing actully.My page got all weird ,so it's Hushpaw now.smiley - fullmoon

Of course dragons exist.

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Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

Hi smiley - smiley

hmm ok i see that didnt go as planned ... i was replyin to someone and thought it would of putten my reply under it ... *grin*

now i got a double reaction with almost the same content there

hmm ohw well

thats life though


Hear from ya'll soon irecon

Dragantha 1st Knight and Protector of the Queen Dragon

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