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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

Further back than the pot over the open fire, to the times when the water-containers couldn't take direct flames... the way to heat water was to heat stones in the fire and then to put them in the water, replacing them as they cool with new ones until the water was of the right temperature. It's possible to get water boiling this way. The main drawback was a slightly ashey water, but if a person grew up with that, they would be used to it. Animal skins stretched on frames or tightly woven rushes were used as the pots here. Both seep slightly, but usually at a slow enough rate that it didn't matter. Skins could be put directly over the fire for quick heating of water, but only if the cook was happy for the container to be useful a handful of times (expensive considering the effort of getting the skins.) Also, if a person wasn't very careful the flames could burn through with the result of water quenching the fire and scattering very hot sticks and ashes around, which could cause nasty burns.

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really early kettles

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