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There you are in Perth!

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No wonder you keep lost poetry, it keeps you from the Perthy place that you are presently living in. I love the Swan, it gives the impression of a beautiful place to go to, what I say about New Orleans is "It's a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." Nitey Nite, Sorry I keep confusing people about kittys on strings I am really quite a bright girl. I will soon get the hang of things. I will just press that new conversation button in the future. St. Seven was so kind to clue me in. I also learned if I wanted to take some little faux pas off of the space I could unsubscribe from them, voila. Now things should go more smoothly shouldn't they!
Worlds of Love,
(psst I see you've been up working on Part II, I was wondering what you were doing out and about, its only 14 hours plus over there or some such, I'm at 4:30 am here and simply must sleep......I hope I can learn how to make all those cool smiley faces soon. I will be checking out the GuideML really soon. Things have me all turned about with this lawyer consulting and stuff. Keep me in your prayers. I will e-mail you when I get back to AnnaSteelMagnolia's

There you are in Perth!

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Almighty Rob - mourning the old h2g2

Excuse me,

This may sound like a rude question, but I haven't been on h2g2 for some time...

Do I know you? Should I know you?

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