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In Defence of Perth

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Smog is becoming a porblem but at least it is only a problem (and then only occasionally a problem) in winter, unlike sydney,or New York (is there such a thing as a clear day in New York?).

Yes, the river could do with improving! But at least we dont have floaty things (think raw sewerage) washing up on its shores (unlike some eastern australian cities).

And the half brained idiots that prowl around Northbridge at night looking for fights are just that, half brained idiots, but they DO prowl around either alone or in small groups, unlike the organised gang warfare of most other larger cities.

And could someone tell me where else in australia (or anywhere in the western world) could you rent a 3 bedroom duplex with large front and back gardens, in a quiet suburb 15 minutes from town of AU$125 a week?

Perth maybe small, and quiet. But it is a place you can be at home in, not just a place to live in.

And no I dont live in Perth any more, I live in Sydney, that wonderful parking lot of a city, where they have only just realised the lack of trees may cause problem, so much so that some councils have actually declared all trees in their area as monuments and as such cannot be touched!! Give me Perth any day!

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In Defence of Perth

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