A Conversation for Japanese Public Bath Houses: an Eye-Witness Account


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Jimi X

That really sounds like a good time! smiley - smiley
I know whenever I'm feeling I'll with fever, I'll take a hot bath followed immediately by a cold shower...
It sounds awful, but it breaks the fever and I'm on the mend within hours. As far as medicinal baths, did the cut on your finger heal any faster after the bath?
Often a swim in the ocean (or even the swimming pool) helps cuts heal faster!
Great first-hand account!! smiley - smiley
Take a beer out of petty cash!!


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Jimi X

That's feeling ill with fever by the way! They don't teach typing where I come from!!
smiley - sadface


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Cardinal Fang

I've just tried a version of this in Edinburgh. Until I read this article I though it was very good. There was a Japanese heated plunge pool in the centre of the room, with 2 sauna's (at differing temperatures) and a steam room. Between these were foot spa's, showers which either trickled warm water or rained down increasingly colder water. There was also an area that had the hose pipe, a shower which was like standing under an ice cold (mini) waterfall, and my all time favourite the wooden bucket, above head height, self filling with (ice) cold water, and the chain which you had to pull to cascade the water over yourself. I can't do justice to describing the feeling you get waiting for the shock to hit your system between pulling the handle and the water hitting you.

Having said all that, there was no spices, and no nudity. I may give it another shot though

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