A Conversation for Tattoos


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Mrs.M. J. Lister

People with Tattoos are all Criminals.
-Adolf Loos


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Heart Of Gold

Gee...that taunt didn't work too well did it?


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Mrs.M. J. Lister

Dont shoot then messengersmiley - smiley
i was just quoting Mr. Loos, and i think it work pretty well for him


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Dolly DuDelle

Tattoos are'nt just for hookers and sailors anymore! It's mostly legal, which is in a way, unfortunate. The criminal mystique of tattooing is so sexy. Even a Mrs. Lister can be an outlaw, or just look like one, with a simple semi-painless procedure. I highly reccomend it for all people, especially those with pasty melonin-deficient complexions!


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I don't have any idea who Mr. Loos is ( I'm assuming he's well known in the UK), but he sounds pretty close-minded to me. Tatoos are a form of personal expression and should be done for personal reasons, not just because you might think it looks 'cool' . I have three, all of which have a great deal of personal significance to myself, but I also know quite a few younger people who are getting them for all the wrong reasons and will probably regret it a few years from now because they will encounter others with the same sort of prejudice Mr. Loos was displaying.


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Greetings fellow tattooees and especially to the correspondent who started this debate stating that all tattooed people are criminals. If such is the case then why are there so many criminals walking the streets without so much as a parking ticket to their name?

It is just such a statement that makes me see red. I am almost 40 years of age and have been collecting tattoos for the past 22 years and currently sport 27 designs all of which have a special significance to me. I am not a criminal and have not been charged with any offence so that shoots the opening statement right out of the window.

As a piece of history that may interest anyone reading this there have been a number of famous people who have sported tattoos and it is doubtful that they have been criminals, I think especially of King Harold (of 1066 and Hastings fame)George V I believe it was and also the mother of Sir Winston Churchill. So if royalty and others can have tattoos and be classed as criminals what hope is there for the rest of us? As for this Mr Loos, I live in the UK and I have never heard of him.


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I'm not really here

I have just had my first tattoo done. It was done to celebrate a "new me" for my 30th birthday as a lot of things have changed in my life this year. I had wanted a tattoo since I was 20, so I doubt I will regret it. A close friend is re-designing an idea I had for my second one. I am also not a criminal, a single mother is more my style, plus I drive a taxi, and you can't do that if you're a criminal.


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Researcher 142907

In reference to the comment about people with tattoos being criminals, "Don't Panic". (did you lose your special glasses?)

There are two ways of looking at his posts that pop into my head. The first is Adolf Loos. People who follow the teaching of Christ are Christians, would those who expound Loos be Loosers? The second thought is whether Mrs. Lister knows a Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Kat. . . does she have an addiction to vindaloo? (great tv show, sorry.)

Then again, are the Vorlons related to the Vogons?

I have three tattoos, and am working on designing a fourth. (I'm trying to mix three different cultural styles into a unified piece.) The only crimes I'm guilty of are atrocious spelling and poor writing. Just look for the humor in it all.

Tattoos & Adolf Loos

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Just to set the record straight, Adolf Loos was an architect in Germany and Austria during the early 20th century. His designs are primarily functional...he eschewed all forms of ornament. Perhaps that's why he detested tattoos so much.

Just a thought.

Tattoos & Adolf Loos

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Well it seems there is not too much debate on the subject of tattoos, pity really.

Love the comment a few before about Mrs Lister having a taste for Vindaloo, knowing Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Kat, but what of Ms Kryten? OK, so it isn't the great Douglas Adams but it is a similar vein ha ha.

Anyway people, there are too many of us on this earth who choose to sport designs upon our frames that have meaning to us that we should all be classed as criminals, as the previous entries have said it is time to Live and Let Live, we are all on this planet for but a short time and within certain rules we should be able to be who we want to be without fear of ill-will being displayed by others.

For the record I have just endured my 33rd session under the needle and am awaiting session 34 in 17 days time.

Power to the Needle and those who wield it with skill and artisitic talent I say.

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