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Cover it up! (Think of all the tattoos you can get done with the money!!)

Hi Zed!

'sus smiley - smiley


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Eli Towells

I likes the way you thinks....
Hear about the man robbing the extremely expensive necklace from the designer shop window this morning ? (not a joke) aparently he ram raided the shop on a scooter - nuff respect.


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Wow a scooter! How did he think he was going to get away? It shows guts, if not a whole lot of thought.

Hi mythical winged horse! Having fun?



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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

>They also can be used by law-enforcement authorities as identifying marks, which would greatly aid in your identification and capture if you're ever on the run from the law.

Yes they can. I stopped a parolee for litering and not having a tag on his vehicle. While I was talking to him, I noticed a beuatiful spiderweb tatoo on his right forearm. It wasn't the typical spiderweb tatoo, it had a dewey effect. It was very nice.

He didn't have any identification on him, but he gave me his name and date of birth. When I got the return from Radio, I found out that his driver's license was suspended and he wa on parole for drug charges. When I asked him to get out of the car, he drove off. Pursuing him, would have been a violation of our policy.

I got a picture of him from when he was in jail before, but it was the tattoo description that really nailed it for me. I took out an arrest warrant for him, and it's still outstanding. I talked to his parole officer. He told me that the guy is in jail in another county. When he gets done serving a sentence for those charges, he'll have to come to my county to face mine.

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