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Hunk Over

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

hud beer les nite still feeyl shite ugh ugh

Hunk Over

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Hmm...I think we have two schools of thought here...one that drinks beer for its taste and the other that drinks it for its effect. As in driving, everyone thinks they know the most about the best tasting beer, but if reaching the level of maximum effect is your goal I believe the choices differ... As American domestics go, it's hard to beat the short term effect of Miller's IceHouse. Carlberg's Elephant is a great brain-cell killer (and it's only the weak ones that die!) if you can dish out the cash for an import. The reason American college kids drink the domestic crap is due to a limited cash flow and a desire for maximum enhibriation. (Burp)

Hunk Over

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

Try that goodol' Dutch acid: Oranjeboom (Orange Tree) which makes you feel like the tree itself: don't move or you'll lose your fruit >-p

American Beer?

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Researcher 59778

I'd like to make a couple of points about American Beer. First, I think everyone can agree that the majority of beer brewed and consumed in America is of the "slightly-more-flavorful-than-water" type, but there are reasons for this. When the first major brewing efforts were beginning in this country, large consortium brewers were the only ones who could afford the cost of cross-country refrigerated train trips. Because there was such a wide variety of tastes to cater to, the brewers started brewing for the lowest common denominator, i.e. a beer that was lower in taste, but more refreshing. Unfortunately, this has become synonymous with "America Piss Beer". In the past few years, there has been a HUGE expansion of small local breweries, as well as a big upswing in the amount of beer imported from outside the States. Here in the Dallas, Texas area, there is a bar called the Flying Saucer with no less than 200 different brews available, over half of which are on draught. They stock everything from Budwieser to krieks and lambics from Belle-Vue. That said, even though I don't drink it, I do have great respect for Anhueser-Busch. They may brew weak, flavorless beers, but they take great pride in their work, and they have done quite a bit to advance the science of brewing in America. For anyone who doubts me, I suggest a visit to one of their brewries (preferably their headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri). I think, however, that the next time I hear Miller Lite referred to as a "True Pilsner" I'm going to shoot my TV.

American Beer?

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Theakstons Brewery is again in private hands smiley - biggrin since Scottish and Newcastle sold it. But if you're going to visit Theakstons, you might as well go to Masham's other brewery, Black Sheep, while you're there.

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