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47318 - I am a number not a free man

For some strange reason, Carlton Breweries (the brewery that used to make Fosters, and still sells the license to brew it abroad) stopped making it in Oz, and instead changed its name to Carlton Beer (or some such highly original name). I have no idea why - possibly because the name "Fosters" carries such crap connotations?

From personal experience, most decent Australian brews tend to come from the SE of the country (Victoria, Tas, etc.)...


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TechnicolorYawn (Patron Saint of the Morally Moribund)

True. Being a student is great (at least the parts you can remember are) The cheapest beer we've found is in a club near me where its 50p a bottle, pint or shot all night on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As you can imagine we end up there a lot....

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Mr. Pope

Sorry, but i miss the good old bavarian beer, especially the one from munich...
haven`t you been there yet ? so you should visit munich an d try some of the "Starkbier"

have fun..

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Beer isn't real unless it has dead rat, and bits of straw floating in it. And for that, you have to visit Scotland, and order a pint of heavy.

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