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What's the fuss about Sam Smiths. I thought cask ales only appealed to Dungaree wearing sad anorack CAMRA members who don't drink much anyway. Just complain about everything.

Let's hear from some real drinkers,12 pints of Stella on a Friday night qualifies.

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Well here is my top 10
1. Rochefort 8
2. St-Bernardus 8
3. Trippel Karmeliet
4.. Bruine Villers
5. Rochefort 10
6. Chimay Bleu
7. Keizersberg
8. Gordon Finest Gold
9. Dubbele Tongerlo
10. Gildenbier

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Smiles Golden Brew, or a porter called Black Bat. Definitely worth a sup or 10.

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Researcher 26979 (Zaphe)

I suggest that anyone who hasn't tried Black Sheep Ale (a Real English Ale from Paul Theakston, Masham, North Yorkshire) hasn't really tasted what real beer should taste like. It's bottled and distributed quite widely in a number of UK supermarkets. Go on, give it a try - you might just like it!!

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This section intentionally left blank

Of course, the bottled stuff isn't a patch on the draft from teh pubs on teh square in Masham!

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This section intentionally left blank

Of course, the bottled stuff isn't a patch on the draft from the pubs on the square in Masham!

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It would have to be Guinness. Unless anybody knows of a better stout that I might be able to purchase here in the states.

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Someone Else

Alternative alcoholism

1. Jupiler N.A. (< 1 %)
2. Tourtel (< 1%)
3. Piedboef (0,5 %)

If you discern pink elephants while abusing these beers and without drinking Delirium Tremens, turn to the Real Flavour Alcoholism page of searcher "Nobody".

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Ginger Tom

I love hand-pulled real ale, but I'm not one of those CAMRA anoraks and have a great liking for lots of "unreal" ales - especially belgian beers like Hoegaarden, Kriek, etc.

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I guess your CAMRA experiences have been on a Sunday morning when things are sometimes blurred.. As for 12 pints of Stella, If you let the gas out, you only have 6 pints!

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Murphy's Irish Stout is a nice alternative. A bit less bitter. And it's reasonably widely attainable in the States.

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Mr Pynk

What Americans know about beer could be written in far fewer words than have already been written about this subject in this discussion!

I should know, I am English and I have lived in the USA and the beers there really suck! 75c for a long neck! pah.... Proper beer costs proper money... like erm Stella Artoise....... has anybody tried Tiger beer from Singapore? it's pretty good!

A pint of Guiness served in an Irish pub is probably the best pint that can ever be drunk!

Oh yes... it has to be a pint, not half a poxy litre! or 75cl or whatever... gotit!

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I tried Tiger beer. It's ok but nothing exceptional.

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Marvin T Android

Caffreys. nuff said

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Dr. Gonzo

You said it son! Caffreys is the Ale of choice. But you might also like to try Staropramen, and I do mean the local Czech version, not the export one.

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Researcher 32354

Think you need to try Mitchells Porter.
Probably you will not like it as it is not full of gas

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Utterly Sans Panic

If you find yourself caught on New Zealand's South Island (which has a coastline not unlike that of Norway, and "thanks for all the fish"....), you will find it impossible to come by a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. You may as well settle for one of the finest mass-production brews in the world, called "Speight's." Produced in Canterbury, it is a mellow but full brew that is guaranteed to maintain your hydration at optimum levels, pending a pick-up by Zaphod, et al. "A lot like being drunk," indeed...

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Kilkennies (is that how you spell it) in an Irish pub in Paris Ah what memories!! or you couls always mix a Castaway with a White Lighening adn get a Blastaway!

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The day walker

How about 9 pints of Guinness at about 5 seconds a pint, does that count?

also a firm favourite is Newcastle Brown Ale, known to the locals as a bootle of dog.

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The day walker

Sorry that should be a bottle of dog

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