A Conversation for King George VI - the Unexpected King

More history lessons ;-)

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Great entry, although with the princes all being given the same names, like: Edward Albert George for the first born and George Edward Albert Richard for the second ( ok, I'm exaggerating here smiley - winkeye), it's very confusing to keep track of who is who.
Ooh, and when I read this:
>>while observing a tradition followed by previous Princes of Wales<<

I thought you should have written: 'previous and future Princes of Wales smiley - winkeye'


More history lessons ;-)

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King George VI died of lung cancer. His heavy smoking can not have helped. He had unsuccessful lung surgery in 1951.



He inherited a monarchy at risk. He left it firmly established.
Only the Queen Mother knew what it cost him and she never forgave his brother or her sister in law.

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