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Driving in Florida

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Though I've only had the "pleasure" of driving in Floriday a few times, I've developed a theory as to why it is one of the worst places to drive in the States (this especially applies to the North-South Interstate [I-95, I believe it is called]).

In Florida, at least in the areas I drove in (around the Ft. Lauderdale/Boca Raton area), you basically have two kinds of drivers: relatively young executive-types and really old old-timers. This makes for general chaos for the following reason(s).

The elderly drivers tend to own enormous, powerful luxury sedans, but, paradoxically, tend to drive them at extremely slow speeds--usually paying very little attention to what's going on around them (this includes the color of traffic signals, noticing the lane changes occuring near their vehicles, the strange way in which their gas pedal is either put entirely to the floor or not depressed at all, etc.). At the same time, the young executive-type drivers tend to have slightly smaller, sportier and even faster cars--often luxury convertibles--and tend to drive them extremely fast, recklessly and without employing turn signals. Large intersections are particularly problematic due to the fact that no-one can seem to agree when the signals have changed.

Anyway, it is this comingling of the careless (and possibly clueless) slow, elderly drivers and the reckless (and possibly soul-less) speed-demonish, randomly-lane-changing-without-signalling young executive-types that makes driving in this state (particularly I-95) such an adventure.

Driving in Florida

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Driving ettiquite in Orlando is non-existant. The I - 4 interstate during peak tourist season is a mess.
Out of season it's still a mess.
Orlando has one of the highest 'road rage' rates in the country.
Use of turn signals is a rare occurance. Lane changes are frequent and sudden--sometimes moving
across more than one lane.
One moment you're traveling at 70 MPH, the next you're at a dead stop.
Orlando, home ot the mouse...also home of some of the worst driving I've ever seen in the United States.

Driving in Florida

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The Driver

It must be all us Brits, driving on the wrong side of the road smiley - smiley

Driving in Florida

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Actully the excetive are drug runners and are of course in a hurry. The unoffical third group are tourists who are lost or worried about getting carjacked. OR BOTH!

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