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Barometers and crisp packets

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I've recently been informed by a chemist friend of mine that most of the 'hangy on the wall' kind of barometers actually operate by measuring how far a sealed box within the device is distorted by the current pressure outside. He also tells me that the effect can be seen more clearly by taking a sealed foil packet of crisps onto a plane. As the plane takes off, the pressure inside the cabin drops (even on pressurised planes it still drops a bit) and so the crisp packet inflates, as the pressure of the air inside remains constant. Isn't science cool? smiley - smiley
I'm off to Stockholm on Thursday so I shall try the experiment myself. I'm sure my fellow travellers will be prepared to take the risk of the bag bursting and showering them with a gentle rain of Salt and Vinegar crisps in the interests of scientific enquiry.

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Barometers and crisp packets

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