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excuse me a minute people

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Researcher 185809

i beg your pardon but you come across as being indeed very ignoramous of scottish accents ...your table is filled with only Glasgwegian tongue, how typical of you my friend,look not all of scotland speak like how you say they do only people in glasgow are so spoken,you see we speak differently depending on which bit of scotland we are from i am from fife and our accents different from what your table suggests we are not as slang, we speak in a scottish accent but we use english words some people are broad scotch you know och aye the noo an all that jazz others speak in the true mother tongue of scotland being gaelic but they are far up the north of scotland gaelic died out in some parts the glaswegian accent is broad scotch and slang with words i aint heard of edinburgh is slightly different to kirkcaldys accent i stem from kirkcaldy im refined polite mannered etc but still come out with a different slang to the broad slang but i think that people the world over have just assumed that we scots are folk who all speak common,slang,broad scotch well let me tell you ignorant pompous people that you are wrong in that assumption and better correct yourself immediately,we scots dont have one language for our country we have loads and loads of different accents to boot some accents more polite than others,if everyone one spoke english we would all be boring having different accents within a place or country is wonderful,challenging to learn and albeit exciting, so please please please dont assume we scots speak like this table suggests because only certain parts of scotland speak that way not all of it remeber that please my friends because i hate being put into a stereotype

excuse me a minute people

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Jimmy Wuckfitt RIP

Noo haud oan rerr Jimmy, don't goan fankle yer drawers, ma missus is fae Fife in she says therr's nuthin' wrang wirra Glaswegian tongue. smiley - tongueout

Noo ah'm away tae photy ra famous Glesga suburbs a Inverness in Aberdeen, wherr even ra Gorbals sheepchibbers fear tae tread.

excuse me a minute people

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Researcher 185809

i didnt say a thing bad about that accent but some folk assume that all scots speak like that and we dont

excuse me a minute people

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Jimi X

But if you'll recall the disclaimer from the Hitchhiker's books - Where the Guide is wrong, it is definitively wrong.

smiley - winkeye

excuse me a minute people

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Jimmy Wuckfitt RIP

"your table is filled with only Glasgwegian tongue"

Definitively wrang in worthy ae a guide entry.

Wance ye get oantae secund year keyboard skills in learn wherr ra shift key is, ye kin add words ah yur ain.

excuse me a minute people

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i've pict up that some people are using all the scots words they can find to tanslate english. this is kinda stupid as different words are used in different areas ie. ken is used a lot in and around peterhead but not much anywhere else in scotland.

excuse me a minute people

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I'm in the process of doing research for a historical novel based in 17th Centuru Scotland. My question is how did the Lowlanders(Scots) and Highlanders (Gaelic)communicate when their language was so different? I'm a Scotch-Irish American if that explains my ambiquity on this subject.

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