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Utter Tosh...

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Utter tosh. It's not really that dangerous at all. I've been climbing for a while now (and I'm a big lad). If you read some of the climbing literature and investigate a few stats you'll see that climbing is in fact a (surprisingly) safe sport.

Cave diving. Now that's a dangerous sport.

More people die from fighting fridge freezers, and that's a proven fact. Fact.

I'd prove it, only I'm a tad busy at the moment...


Hear Hear!

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Ive been climbing for some time as well, and I have yet to fall, or get myself even remotely hurt (except for the occasional scrape or bruise, but you can do that walking to the market). Granted, I did have a friend who almost got himself killed, this was becuase we were "free-climbing". Check out my page, the article on rock climbing if you're interested. In any event, I find this submission to be completley uninformative, and rather misleading, as rock climbing is a very challenging and rewarding sport.

Not so remote

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Part 3 in the 'hash this article' series:

Not all rock climbing locations are remote. I live in Orem Utah USA. American Fork Canyon is less than 30 minutes away. Rock Canyon is even closer. Little Cottonwood Canyon is less than an hour away. These are world famous climbs, all near urban areas. I understand there is some good climbing near Denver Colorado as well.

There are also places to climb in the UK and Europe. Let's not forget them!

RSBohn/U37566 (on belay!)

Not so remote

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Places to climb in UK and europe? Gosh I'd never noticed. Allways wondered what those large bumps were all over the place

Don't even need rocks

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Jimi X

In some areas, you don't even need rocks to rock climb. There are several places in southcentral Pennsylvania where people have built walls with handholds and footholds for climbing. Odd that, since we have several places where one might climb real rocks in the area!

Moral of the story...

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I think what we're all trying to say is that this submission on rock climbing should be removed, and someone who knows something about rock climbing should write an accpetable one (Id do it, if asked). This was obviously written by someone who's either never been rock climbing, or had a rather unpleasant experiance, cause they certainly arent promoting it. I love climbing. Ive been climbing all over the place. Texas, Colorado, Italy, Germany to name a few (or all of them).

Couldn't agree more.

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Researcher 007

This article is sadly so innaccurate as to be utterly misleading. I've been climbing for donkeys years and couldn't see my sport reflected in what was written. I was also confused by the terminology.
Shouldn't carabina be karabiner or krab?
I would call a belay loop a belay plate.
Crampons are a type of climbing shoe with spikes!? No there not.
Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter.
Have a fish.
smiley - fish

Couldn't agree more.

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Hey, if you're all going to criticise what I've written then at least do it constructively! I've written what I know about rock climbing because the previous article was even worse in my opinion. If you don't like what I've written then write something better.

The terminology is what I've been taught, it's probably regional.

And what's all this about danger? Are you talking about the same article?!

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