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The disappearing paper clip.

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All at sea

For those who actually have something to do on their jobs and don't have the time to make paper clip chains, a disturbing phenomenon has been observed. When the time comes that you actually need a paper clip for something, that little box at the back of your drawer is found to be absolutely empty, even though you had gotten a fresh box the last time you needed one.

This phenomenon seemed deserving of investigation as it had significant effects on the office stationery supplies fund, the remains (if any) of which get applied to the company Christmas party. Therefore, after months of quiet peeks, hidden infra-red video tapings, and surprise drawer openings, I am pleased to announce that there is an answer to the question of where the paper clips go, although no solution as yet to the problem of how to prevent them going.

It appears that the paper clip is an infant form of a living creature, and that when left to incubate in a dark dry space it will metamorphose into the adult form and then migrate out of it's restricted confines to it's preferred adult habitat.

The proof of this is easy to demonstrate. Any time you find an empty paper clip box in your drawer, just go open your clothes closet. There you will find far more wire coat hangers than your dry cleaning bill can account for!

The disappearing paper clip.

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Some of them end up suffering their demise in mine and other like mided people - I AM A PAPER CLIP HOADER!

.. and proud of it.

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The disappearing paper clip.

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