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Pittsburghers' eating habits

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I don't know if John was able to partake in any Pittsburgh "gourmet" whilst he was in the 'Burgh...

A very interesting (and quite delectable, I might add) sandwich that one might try the next time one visits, is a Primanti's Sandwich.

Created in a small restaurant in the 'Strip District' (don't get excited, it's not what you think), which could be known as the warehouse district of Pittsburgh, Primanti's originally catered to blue-collar workers and truck-drivers who would want to eat quickly while they were on the job.

Hold tight, here's the biology of a Primanti's sandwich:

Layer one: Fresh-baked Italian bread (big, thick slices, too!)
Layer two: Various meats (Capicola's my favorite, a spiced ham)
three: French Fries (or Chips for you in the UK)
four: Coleslaw (That's right!)

I'm sure we're all cringing in revulsion right now, but let me tell you, these buggers are exquisite! They fill you up right quick, and taste like nothing you've ever had.

The sandwiches are now something of legend in the 'Burgh, and one can't visit the city without eating at Primanti's. %)

Til' next time...

Pittsburghers' eating habits

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Boy, that looks good. I'm sorry I missed out on that. We were only in the city for a weekend, to see DNA at Carnegie-Melon. We did have a very memorable breakfast of baked goodies in a charming little square in the business district. It was still quite early in the morning, when not much, other than bakeries, is open. Delicious.smiley - smiley

Actually, me an' the missus will be driving through Pittsburgh on Friday, on the way to Washington for the Tibet Festival. If the chance presents itself, I won't miss trying a Primanti's sandwich a second time. Thanks for the tip.smiley - smiley


Pittsburghers' eating habits

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You forgot the cheese and the tomato! Onions by request and egg costs extra. They will let you order one with the fries "on the side".

If you're downtown there's a Primanti's in market square.

Pittsburghers' eating habits

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I went to college in Pittsburgh, and I couldn't get enough of Primanti's. Now that I live in Chicago there's nothing
that can quite compare.

Also, if you're around the Pitt campus, check out Mad Mex. An awesome Tex Mex restaurant.

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Pittsburghers' eating habits

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