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Horrible things, great entrysmiley - cheers

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aka Bel - A87832164

My smallest son was diagnosed with Lyme disease when he was 12 - had hadn't shown any of the symptoms which it usually starts with, but had a badly infected, water filled knee twice within a few months' time. The GP thought it to be rheumatism ( the symptons are very similar to Lyme disease), sent him to an MR scan, then and told us to go to a specialist for rheumatism. Many blood samples were taken, and it turned out to not be rheumatism, but Lyme disease. I'm really glad our GP was so thorough and sent us forthwards to a specialist.


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Easy safe tick removal: put a drop or two of pure glycerin (glycerol) on it. Instant death by dehydration -- same for any bacteria in the area!

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