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Charing Cross

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Angelfeet, here for a fleeting visit

I was once told that the name Charing Cross comes from "chere reine", the French for "dear queen". Over the years "chere reine" became "Charing".

Charing Cross

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Researcher 205682

The usual old wives tale about "Chere Reine". Charing is actually a corruption of Ceirring (or similar) and it refers to a bend in the road at Westminster which was a local landmark, used for determining property boundaries. It is referred to in a manuscript of the early C11th (pre-conquest). As this reference predates Eleanor by the best part of 300 years I hope we can now put this silliness to rest. See the book "The Westminster Corridor" (recently published, don't know the author - sorry!) for further info on this subject.

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