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Messed up toes

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Froodiest Guy In The Universe

This entry clayms that there are very few injuries in Judo due to good training in falling. It does not, however, mention the damage caused to toes, fingers and ears. It is monstrous. You will have a hard time finding an experienced Judoka whose toes and fingers havenĀ“t been messed up pretty badly and whose ears havent been bent, broken and half torn off. There are ofcourse a few exceptions (I myself is one of those lucky buggers), but the majority of Judokas are not a pretty sight.

Messed up toes

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Huffers, compulsive lurker

I would agree with you about the toes...

I myself have fractured one and constantly have mat burn on the back of my hands/ top of my feet smiley - sadface

Still, it wouldn't stop me doing it smiley - smiley

Messed up toes

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In that, you need to find a decent club.

I have done judo for 14 years and only ONCE suffered a broken toe, and ONCE sprained a finger muscle.

Oh, and I am a 3rd Dan - a grade I earned through contest.

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