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Vodka and what you can do with it ...

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I know Vodka is good. You know Vodka is good.
So try this:
Take 1 watermelon, 1 liter (1 bottle, 1 gallon, 1 pint) of Vodka
Cut a hole into the watermelon and put the head of the bottle in the hole.
After a certain time the Vodka is absorbed by the watermelon.
You can't see it.
You can't smell it.
But ou can cut it in slices and enjoy the melon-voda flavor.

Vodka and what you can do with it ...

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Sounds good.
You can also get a good Vodka & add brown sugar (about 5-6 tablespoons) & 2 vanilla pods. Leave it to mature for about 3 months (not one for the impatient) & then drink!
This has the added bonus that the maker gets to drink the vodka you need to pour out to put in the additives.

Vodka and what you can do with it ...

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On the subject of vodka and what you can do with it, I have heard of vodka as a cure for the common cold. The instructions are simple. Get thee to a sauna, armed with a bottle of pepper vodka, get good and hot, and drink. Alternatively, if you don't feel that finding your way home after such an expedition (with or without a cold) is a very feasible project, the same effect can be obtained by runing a VERY hot bath, sitting in it and, well, drinking. Never tried it myself. Anyone wanna do a road test?

Vodka and what you can do with it ...

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cafram - in the states.

And then, of course there's vodka jelly...yummmmmmmmmy!! Make the jelly as you normally would, but leave out the volume of water that is to be replaced by vodka - it's still as strong as when you drink it, so if you drink your vodka in a mix, put in less...50/50 vodka jelly is almost as painful as neat vodka smiley - winkeye

I heard somewhere that it's best to let the jelly cool a bit before you add the vodks, otherwise it evaporates - I don't know the truth of this (makes a certain sense though...), so be warned!!

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