A Conversation for Trousers versus Pants

But IT IS!

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Researcher 198833

I actually have heard a few American teenagers refer to things as being 'pants'. I couldn't tell which meaning of 'pants' was infered, though, and most of the speakers were excellent candidates for a Melvin of the first order. Also, I believe the word 'slacks', when refering to men's trousers (? or pants), has similar connotations- while still acceptable, the word still reeks to many cosmopolitan Americans of deplorable, avacado-mustard-and-baby-faeces 1970's fashion (or, as a relative put it, 'golf pants')- very ugly and thus very Melvinable (and all the better for the cut).

But IT IS!

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Not Shakespeare

"Pants" is something you do to another person (at least here in the US), you can pants him. This involves making his pants (trousers) fall down (or completly removing them) so that that his underwear (pants) show.

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