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Not just to do with feet...

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kelli - ran 2 miles a day for 2012, aiming for the same for 2013

I was told today that the pain I've got in the top of one of my legs is sciatica, so it isn't just to do with pain and/or numbness in the ankles and feet.

Unfortunately, my current condition means I can't have anti-inflammatories so I'll just put up with it in the hope it'll go away smiley - sadface

Not just to do with feet...

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Sorry hun, I didn't see you'd responded to my guide entry.

Yes...sciatica can cause pain anywhere down the legs. I personally have it in my hips, bottom and thighs, but I do occasionally get the pain down into my ankles too.

Swimming is an excellent way of helping to relieve the pain in the lower back and it will do you the world of good as you're pregnant too.

Congrats on that btw...I'm really jealous!</>

Not just to do with feet...

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I'm getting it one-sided down my right leg. The pain in the foot is present exactly as described and in fact this was the first part to set in.

Is it posible to have this in one leg and not the other?

My right leg feels weakened; at present I cannot climb steps on it without supporting my right side. The pain is in my right hip and right knee; I cannot walk without limping slightly; however a smoother walking gait does happen if I force myself through the initial pain and discomfort. I still have shooting pains in my right thigh (down the back of) and sleep is disturbed as it still throbs and aches at night even when lying down and the weight is in theory off it - cannot sleep on my right side as this involves weight of left leg on top of right,. . Oh, and it was really difficult to lift my right leg high enough this morning to do something simple like get a sock on.

It's been in this "hurting like a bugger" phase for nearly a fortnight now and doesn't look as if it's in a hurry to go away on its own. Is this sciatica?

Not just to do with feet...

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I have sciatica and it's a pain in the butt (among other places )I have to use a walking stick to help get about,On top of this I have thyroid cancer ,and almost everyone thinks I have to use this walking stick because of the cancer,but it'not that ,it's sciatica.I have been visiting the physiotherapist at the local hospice,and she has helped tremendously,although it's still very much with me .She has given me effective exercises fot that and for my neck,which all helps.smiley - ok

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