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The whole thing was a really good laugh.

But seriously, this my take on the following:

Dork and Geek -- refers to anyone who is very skilled with computers and some of these people may not be up on the finer points of social graces. Prior to the advent of computers, a geek was usually someone who wore a short-sleeved white shirt, used a pocket protector, carried a slide rule and wore thick horn-rimmed glasses.

Soda -- coke is slang for soda in the South because coke was invented in the South. Originally coke contained a small amount of cocaine and was used to treat all sorts of ailments. Hence the fact that coke is also slang for cocaine.

Really Funny Stuff

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I've never heard dork used to describe someone good with computers, but geek definitely. Also, nerds are generally associated with academic success or are the sorts that make friends with the teachers in school.

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