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Yooper--Referring to a native Michigander coming from the upper pennisula, which is often referred to as the U.P. Hence, all people who live in the UP are...yoopers.

Troll--Referring to a native Michigander who lives in the lower pennisula, so called because the lower and upper pennisula are connected by the Mackinaw Bridge. Therefore, anyone who lives in the lower pennisula lives "under the bridge", like a troll would.

TPing--Michigan slang for toliet papering houses, a rather common prank over on this side of the pond.

Devil's Night--Detroit specfic term for the night before Halloween, though the rest of us use it too. This stemmed from a number of fires and other acts of vandalism committed in Detroit that somehow sort of became a tradition.

Pop--Not neccessarily Michigan specific. It has been known to be used in several Midwestern states but I thought I'd bring it up. Pop is our way of referring to any carbonated beverage...like Coka Cola or Pepsi...whatver. It's like soda, only not.

Michigander/Michiganian--whichever you choose, it's how some refer to those of us who live in the state of Michigan...

Anyway. That's my small contribution to the slang list. HURRAH!

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Michigan Slang

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