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Re: 'Do I look like I give a s**t?'

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York Yankee 234250

Thanks Vicki
I read yours and found wer'e both biker chicks. I have to re-take a test in the UK before I can (legally) ride This is after holding a bike license for 20 yrs...I already went thru it for the car test UGH.

Re: 'Do I look like I give a s**t?'

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

I have actually been corrected of the fact that neither of us are biker chicks (according to my sister that is)

Apparently, biker chicks "perch" on the back of a motor bike.....biker babes ride!!! smiley - laugh

So much for not being picky hey sis!!!


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chickadee (wheee!)

ellee -- up here in portland we call some of the freeways / highways "the" but now that you mention it, i think they're all ones that go to cali, maily the 405. we also do this weird thing with naming certain stretches--some areas i dont know the number of, there's the banfield towards teh airport, and the terwilliger curves on i-5. any other places do that?


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Though I've heard popular songs that use the word, I've only heard "hella" in common usage when I lived in Washington, where they used it every other word (literally), but no one down here in Arizona seems to ever have heard the word, so I can only assume it's a Northwestern kind of thing.
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Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

I wouldn't know. In Kentucky (yes, I live there, pity me), only serious South Park fans and people who are trying to be ironic use it.

80's slang (and other American things)

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Having grown up during the 80s in Northern California, perhaps I could shed some light on the origins of "hella." I first heard it around '86 as a contraction for "hell of a..." or "helluva," but soon it took on a life of its own.


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This is the first time I've heard the word "hella". I live in *western* New York. By western I mean nowhere near NYC. Let's establish that right now because it makes a difference when talking about slang. Who knows, maybe people in NYC say hella. All I know is that western NY doesn't.

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