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The akwardness of public toilets in ireland

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just a quick note to anyone who is planning on using a public toilet in the emerald isle!:

to avoid the HUGE embarrassment i experienced a few years ago do not follow your instincts! the signs in gaelic bear NO relation to their English equivelent so females should head for the door marked with a word that looks like "man" and males should head for the other ( i cant remember the exact phrasing for either but thats just small details!!)

NB: only refer to my scattish advise if the toilet door do not display little pictures depickting a little man and a little woman as these are a lot easier to follow!!


The akwardness of public toilets in ireland

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genfinch ((1*3)-1-1)*(6*7)=42

If I'm not much mistaken, the sign on the ladies' toilets in Ireland reads 'mna', with an accent on the 'a'. But how on earth do you type accents in here?

The akwardness of public toilets in ireland

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I've had a similarly embarassing experience in a toilet in france. I went into the toilet (thinking it was the ladies) and found a cubicle. The door didnt have lock but i was bursting so i went in anyway. i'd just got down to the buisness in hand when i heard two people coming in. They were men. I realised what had happened. I'm one of those people who cant stop once they've started so i carried on hoping in could slip out unseen, but it was not to be. One of the men burst in on me. I was sooo embarassed. The worst part was that i carried on! The man just stood there, eyeing me up, i was really freaked out. I tried to pull my nickers up over my "you know what" which i did, and my trousers as well, but it kept on coming. I had to walk out of a mens toilet with a HUGE stain on my trousers. It was the most humiliating moment of my LIFE!

The akwardness of public toilets in ireland

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I also have suffered a great embarrasment for the sake of bodily relief. A few weeks ago i was on a hiking trip with my school. I was feeling a bit poorly, and i have a weak bladder at the best of times, so i had to ask the teacher if we could stop for a second so that i could spend a penny. After much deliberation she begrudgingly agreed and called the whole group to a stop to anounce that i needed to go to the loo. I found a quiet spot and took up the standard squat we ladies always seem to adopt in this situation, just as i got comfortable and the yellow river was flowing steadily, i was pushed over onto my side. The next thing i heard was the click of a camera. Within a week the photo was spread all over my school.

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