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This game can also be played by any river or stream.

Needs: People, not necessarily your friends. A football. Some, er, stones (or rocks). A river or beach.

Rules: An agreed boundary around the river. If anyone leaves, they become 'IT'

The purpose of the game is simple: to get everyone else wet.

The Game: Throw the football at someone else so that it hits them and bounces/rolls into the water. That person has to retrieve the ball from the water giving the other players chance to throw stones at them to get them wet. They then get out of the water chase another player and attempt to throw the ball so that it hits them and rolls into the river.......

This game very quickly deteriorates into the survival of the fittest. Those with superior speed remain dry while the shorter, slower, fatter players get very, very wet, bruised and battered. Not everyone is the best aim with a rock.

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Stone him!

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