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Sink (The Ice Version)

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This is what happens when your parents, older sibling or overprotective adult of any sort has told you that you may NOT play on the ice of a pond, lake, stream or river because the ice to too thin. ("Pah!)

Stare at the offending adult. Pout. Kick at the snow. Kick a nearby rock. Watch it roll onto the ice. IDEA: Pick up bigger rock, aim at stone on ice. Pitch HARD. Listen to very satisfying THUNK SPLASH as the second rock dunks the first, dunks itself, or at the very least, goes skidding off over the ice if it's too small or if you've not thrown hard enough.

You can try to sink almost anything on a frozen lake. Like slices of tomato. Just don't use your younger brother.

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Sink (The Ice Version)

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