A Conversation for Games to Play Down by the River

Let the balloon go

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Get a big bunch of helium balloons and lie on your back in a large open space. Let one balloon go and watch it for as long as it can still be seen. Once it is out of sight, release the next balloon and repeat.

Mindless, zen style entertainmet. Perfect for a hot summers afternoon

Let the balloon go

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The most fun with balloons is blowing them up yourself, then letting them go;-you never know
which way they will go and they make a funny sound.

Or if you prefer to stick with Helium balloons, then breathe in the helium and have a conversation.
You could try taping you and freinds doing this, then when listening to it the fun is repeated over and over.
Never say you're bored on a rainy day, it's great fun!

Let the balloon go

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53258 and not a penny more.

The best 'letting the balloon go' game is to have a big bunch of helium balloons and go up to little kids saying, here have a free balloon.

When they go to grab it you just let it go, and say 'ahh to bad, you lost it.'

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