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Googling on Khalil Gibran

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Steve K.

Nice entry, I'm now a little more familiar with the man and "The Prophet", but I also recall it was popular with the 60's counterculture. Some Googling found some interesting items.

A self portrait:


A photo of his memorial in Washington, D.C.:


"['The Prophet's'] popularity among adherents of 1960s counter culture inspired a parody, The Profit by 'Kehlog Albran', which furnished a number of quotations for the Unix fortune program."


All great works inspire good parodies ... smiley - zen

Googling on Khalil Gibran

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Wilma Neanderthal

smiley - rofl Excellent site, that last one, Steve! Thanks for sharing smiley - ok

A woman stepped forward and asked,
What is the strangest day?

Tuesday, the Master replied.

Tsk, such treason on hootoo! Thursday, man, Thursday!

smiley - laugh


Googling on Khalil Gibran

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Wilma Neanderthal

smiley - blush The other two are good too, but I'd seen them already...

smiley - zen

Googling on Khalil Gibran

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Thank you Wilma for this lovely insight into the life of Kahlil Gibran,

and thank you Steve K. for the photo links. I love to start my morning

with happy tears. I loved "The Prophet" so much that I bought 2 more

Gibran books for my shelves. I'm still an evolving dinosaur stepping

from books into electronic media. You're futuristic heroes. Thanks!

smiley - smiley


Googling on Khalil Gibran

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Wilma Neanderthal

smiley - wow Thank you, AV. Gibran inspires me evryday.

smiley - zen

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