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I really agree with most of the morals and so forth behind going vegetarian. But, the only one in my school was raised that way and so she can't really give me any advice on getting started, like how do I get over wanting my normal food?

A couple more questions:

-My family is non-vegetarian, and nearly all the food I eat is cooked by them. What do I tell them that won't upset my mother, who places a bit of ego into her cooking? Should I just wait until I go to college in the fall?

-What should I do if I take the plunge and my family is traveling and stops at a fast-food place?

How I got started

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Voodoo Zimbabwe

Dear Aster,
I am very happy that you are considering vegetarianism. The reduced demand on our ecosystem from one person switching means that it can now provide vegetarian food and water for nine more people! Not to mention that you will live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

I worked construction during my summers off without eating meat, and I had more stamina and less time off for health problems than any other person my age there. I'm in terrific shape, better in fact than the people I train with who stil eat meat. My focus is better, I'm more aware of my environment and my kinaesthetic perception increased dramatically when I finally got all animal products out of my diet.

When I began, I took slooow steps. I gave up red meat and chicken, then fish, then avoided dairy and eggs. This gave me time to learn new recipes, find ways of avoiding hidden animal products, and see what differences it made to my body. Most importantly, it gave my family a chance to deal with the idea. After seven years of sensible eating, they still ask me if I want a pork chop though! Be ready for that.

Some people advise researching recipes and diet plans in advance, then doing a four day juice/water fast before starting completely vegan. However, I am quite happy with my results, and fasting tends to spook out your family, so I wouldn't go that route.

In any case, talk to the chief cook in your household, your mom you said? Let her know what you are going to do, and why. Don't wait for her to set a pot roast in front of you before you tell her! Offer to help if she gives you any trouble, heh heh.

There are lots of vegetarian societies and clubs around the world, and tons of informal pot-lucks. These are great places to go for lots of delicious food. The other veggies are great for tips, recipes, and so forth. The encouragement and fellowship you'll experience will amaze you almost as much as the people you find there. If its your first time, bring a dessert. They'll love you to bits. chocolate with fruit is a surefire winner!

Depending on where you are, these may be more underground. If you have any trouble finding something, want to trade recipes, or just want to talk about how your veggie-ism is going, email me at [email protected]

How I got started

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Lucrecia (Knight of an Unusual Amount of Healing Items, Movie Buff Extraordinaire - A809958)


I'm am 18 yr. old vegetarian whose been at it for a little over 9 months. My mother had been patently against the idea, so I had to fend for myself for a while, (luckily I have a job and thusly can pay for my own meals.) but now she's moved from stunned to simply annoyed.

She still asks me every now and again if I think that she is a "bad person" for eating meat. I simply reply that I respect her choice and she should respect mine. I don't "flaunt" my decision like some vegis I know, (ie: Sitting at a lunch table with friends and saying "You know, you're murdering an innocent baby animal in that sandwich.) so that helps with relations.

As for restuarants, if you are merely a vegi and not a vegan, theres not much to worry about.


How I got started

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Jagged Jack

You're 18 years old. you should be 'fending' for yourself anyway!

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