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döner kebab in Germany

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Ford Prefect

There's a wide range of döner places in almost every German town, too. However, the differences are great. Some caution might be advisable if you're in a big town like Berlin and you see a döner kebab being sold for 2 Marks, which is somewhat less than what one serving of actual meat would cost. The only thing that is more scary than not knowing what the döner "meat" contains is knowing what it contains. In less urban areas (such as Bensheim an der Bergstrasse, for example), on the other hand, you can get döners which are actually quite tasty.

döner kebab in Germany

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Tschörmen (german) -|-04.04.02

An absolute MUST for Döner fans in the southwest of Germany is the "5 Sterne Kebab" in Calw. It is the alltime winner of the "Döner-Wars" in that town. Two shops were located next to each other and sold Döners at 2,50 DM incl. a Pepsi. You saw half of the town LIVING on the stuff (well, just a little exagurartion)

The other shop (and two italien takeaways) have closed down since, and the "5 Sterne" have gone back to normal prices (5 DM incl. Pepsi), but I still think it is one of the best. They make a good bread and the variaty of meat (calf, minced and turkey) are pretty much O.K.

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