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Not Best curry house in the world ( ALADIN)

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I have noticed from your listing of best curry house in the world and you have listed a curry house in Bricklane called ALADIN as the best curry house and apparently prince Charles was suppose to dine there. I am an 40 year old east end guy and I used to dine in Aladin before I am talking about 7 to 8 years ago. It was owned by my friend Tomas ( toymus) he sold it and moved on, and the photo thats on the window display with Prince Charles was actually of Tomas (toymus) and that picture was taken in toynbee hall ( a local community hall) when prince Charles made a visit there for a charity event. He never visited Aladin neither did he eat there. This is all untrue and as for listed the best curry house in the world trust me there are other curry on brick lane that are by far better and tastier.

Not Best curry house in the world ( ALADIN)

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I'm so pleased to read your post. I was very shocked when I went in to Aladin's for the first time yesterday. It was a truly awful experience and all on the part of the staff who were very rude, aggressive and threatening.

It's such a shame that your friend built the restaurant up to the standard it was originally recognised for and that after selling the restaurant on the current owners are still taking credit for your friends work. It is a horrible horrible place and I agree it certainly should not still be on this very outdated list.

Not Best curry house in the world ( ALADIN)

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Thank you for your feedback, the section regarding this restaurant has been removed.

Not Best curry house in the world ( ALADIN)

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Berwick & Bell

Denmark has Noma, Spain has El Celler De Can Roco, Japan has Narisawa and the UK has Aladin.

The crown jewel in the sparkling tiara that is Brick Lane, Aladin was founded in the 18th century by Mahesh Bhakta, the son of a spice merchant and one of the earliest immigrants from the Indian sub-continent. Mahesh famously sold half his father’s empire to ship clay from the Gangotri Glacier (the source of the Ganges) - for the purposes of building the finest Tandoori oven in the world.

Local regular Renzo Piano is said to have designed the Shard as a tribute to his favourite Aladin dish - the Chicken Tikka Massala, which he says elevates the London food scene above those of its European contemporaries.

Aladin is truly a sight to behold - and whilst the decor may be dated - the eclectic flavours combined with the head chef Rakesh Roux Chowdury's masterful cooking skills create an experience that will truly take you back to the Land of the Kings.

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