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South Indian Curry House

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One suggestion for both something different and also the BEST curry house in Britain, is Woodlands, just of Leicester Square in London.

This is Britains only 'South Indian' curry house providing dishes from the region of Tamil Nadu, i.e. the East half of South India. I first went with a Tamil friend who (through walking into the kitchens) can confirm the cooks are genuine Tamil.

The food really does defy mere words, but suffice to say that your average fan of a Saturday night Tikka Masala will not find anything on the Menu that they recognise. Indian curry and the curries that are served in this country are very different. After having been out in Tamil Nadu myself I can guarentee that the 'real McCoy' is both far better and just like the faire that you will receive in Woodlands.

As for the Menu I would highly recomend the London Thali, a large silver dish that will contain a variety of the best of Tamil foods. Amoung them Masala Dosa (Curried potato wrapped in a Savoury Pancake), rices, and several curries / sauces - by far the greatest of which is Sambor (which is very simply the greatest substance known to human kind).

In closing:

Take my Advice.
Don't take my Advice.
Go and find out, you will not regret it.



South Indian Curry House

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Tarkadhal (The 'Otter the Better)

"...Britains only 'South Indian' curry house..."

Err...shure shome, Mr Goat.
Many years ago I used to visit the excellent Ragam on Cleveland St, London (near the Mddx Hospital). It's still going. Some friends visited it recently-ish. Nice Dosas, Idlis and Utthapam.

South Indian Curry House

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Does anyone know of a south Indian restaurant in the north of England, preferable West Yorkshire? Doshas, idli's, vadas...that kind of thing

Thanks all...

South Indian Curry House

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jaz'd(ace & yada yada *sigh* chocolate yada)

Well mate, I'm hardly in your vicinity...- but, check out; http://www.madgeandgeoffrey.co.uk , http://www.tandoori.co.uk or http://www.curryhouse.co.uk (sort of a shared interest...ok, passion actually!smiley - winkeye)

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