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Toronto, Canada

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Toronto has many curry houses, normally called "Indian Restaurants" because most curry dishes in Canadian restaurants are served at Indian ones (inspite of the fact that curry dishes are found in many, many other countries around the world).

Unfortunately, I have not found any adequate curry houses in Toronto. However, there are a few worthy of note. One is "Indian Flavour" located in the Atrium on Bay (Bay & Dundas Streets). I have eaten here, and needless to say, I survived the experience. If I recall, they have tandoori and regional dishes. It is quite clean and reasonably priced, and located in a shopping mall. One other restaurant, located in a neighbourhood intended only for adventurous souls, is "Rashnaa" at 307 Wellesley Street East, near Parliament Street (quite misnamed ... Parliament is a four hour drive east of Toronto, in the unimportant city of Ottawa). Rashnaa offers South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes, if that's your sort of thing. I have not eaten there, but recall muggings, robberies, and car break-ins all around the neighbourhood.

Toronto, Canada

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There are a number of curry houses (aka Indian restaurants) that I can recommend in Toronto. Sangam, on Bay Street south of College, has a really great buffet on Friday and Saturday nights (note to curry 'purists': Indian meals are traditionally served with a large variety of items, and buffets are closer to that than just ordering a couple of dishes for you and your date). The navrattan curry is my favourite, and the naan are great. The Indian Rice Factory, on Dupont between Spadina and Bathurst, is critically acclaimed for its adventurous, 'nouveau' Indian food. The absolute best place to get curry in the Toronto area is my mom's house, but unfortunately seating is very limited and it's hard to get reservations unless you have connections. Incidentally, despite the previous poster's hyperbolic descriptions, the area around Parliament and Wellesley is not that unsafe (I lived there for a year). So feel free to go to Rashnaa without packing heat or hyperventilating.

Toronto, Canada

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I spent Christmas in Toronto at the Crown Plaza Hotel and we had an Indian Buffet it was near front street or maybe king street and was only open between 11 and 2 or 3, was not what I expected I love curry but I think Indian food. is somewhat like chinese food, and varies a great deal from one country to the next. A friend of ours from Goa says American curry is not good but then she may say the same of "English" Curry it wasn't until she told me that I found out that Vindaloo was portugese
Back to the Indian Buffet in Toronto it was different but extremely good and my wife who had never had Indian cuisine at all was very impressed

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