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I can't believe there is an entry on curry not including the curry mile. Rusholme manchester.

Current fave: Dildar, Wilmslow road

Reasons: Meal deal. For £6 you get a starter, a main course with rice or naan and a coffee. Also, its a byob (bring your own booze) place which saves a few bob.

Nicest Dish: Lamb Madras because they use decent lean lamb and not the fatty rubbish that most places use.


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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Arn't the currys in Manchester worth a trip! Not that I have to living here smiley - biggrin but not for much longer::
All our course descended on teh curry mile a few weeks back, what a laugh, confussed the hell out of teh places when we started asking for tables for 30!
Must try the one you mention, not sure if I have been there smiley - alienfrown


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Yeah. Its a scruffy little place towards the manchester end of the mile. Its cheap but very tasty!


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Researcher 194031

Nah, the best curry house in Manchester has to be the Shere Khan. And Kashmiri Spice for kebabs! And Moonlight for ice cream! Ah, I love living in Rusholme, hehe.



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too posh for my liking...


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The understated part of the draw in Rusholme, in having so many curry houses in so small an area, is that competition drives down price without killing quality. It is perfectly possible to have a good basic Indian for two for around £10 a head, for instance.

Now try to find an Indian in North Wales, for instance. Take as an example the ONLY Indian restuarant in Llangollen.

The menu choice is reminiscent of an Indian restaurant circa 1975 - ie, stuck in a time warp; and you will be lucky to get away without paying less than £20 per head. (We regualrly host Welsh friends to the Land of Plenty on Wilmslow Road - to them it's a revelation)

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