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UK: The Kashmir, Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Firstly, may I say how delighted I am to see three Bradford curry houses and one from nearby Shipley listed here. But the omission of the Kashmir, a local legend for all the right reasons, must be rectified.

Reason for recommendation: The Kashmir has been providing Bradfordians with delicious, wholesome curry at bargain prices for over 20 years.

Recommended dish: It's hard to pick just one, but the chicken and mushroom curry is magnificent - big chunks of both main ingredients in a luscious medium-hot sauce. The onion bhajis are also wonderful - you get a big plate of onion rings in crispy, spicy batter for less than £1.

Other comments: The Kashmir is in a part of Bradford where the curry lover has plenty of restaurants to choose from - yet it's never short of customers. The reason is that it has built its reputation over a very long time. I started going there in the late Seventies, and over that time the food has been consistently excellent and the prices remarkably cheap.

Like many Bradford curry houses, The Kashmir offers customers a choice of either a free plate of boiled rice or three free chapatis with every curry. Many customers choose the chapatis and reject the use of cutlery, using pieces of chapati to scoop up their curry.

What cannot be stressed too strongly is the fabulous value for money The Kashmir offers. It's easily possible to go there and satisfy a hearty appetite for less than £5.

In a city rightly renowned for the quality of its curries, The Kashmir is outstanding.

UK: The Kashmir, Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Steviebab (Squad No. 8)

That takes me back - I went to Bradford Uni where I lived almost exclusively on curries (and beer). Too many curry houses (and beers and years) to remember accurately the names of them all. I have fond memories of coming out of Pickwick's (club) about 2am - if you went into the curry house next door(ish) and bought a bag of onion bhaajis (for 20p this was 1985/6) you would get all that they had got left, and they weren't these stodgy balls of onion that you get in Southern restuarants, they were juicy strips of onion ring deep-fried in a spicy golden batter. Blimey, I'm rambling on like a right old git.
Will stop now before I get the urge to go out and by a cardi...

UK: The Kashmir, Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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smiley - smiley I can assure you that those bhajis are still like that, at least at the Kashmir! Crispy, curling strips of spiced, fried heaven... smiley - angel

UK: The Kashmir, Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Steviebab (Squad No. 8)

smiley - biggrin Good to hear that - must come back for a decent curry soon. It's lunchtime and I am hungry!!! Will have a smiley - donut to tide me over

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