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Can Murphy's Law really be manipulated?

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Elf of Betelgeuse Five

My friend constantly tries to manipulate Murphy's Law to suit her needs, but I have to always remind her that if she tries to "trick" Murphy's Law by saying she wants one thing while she really wants another, she will get the thing she is lying about wanting, because Murphy's Law is omniscient and will squash all attempts to fool it.

Can Murphy's Law really be manipulated?

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AH!! I try to do that too!! however, i dont even end up with what i pretend to want, and usually find myself wwodering why i bother wanting stuff anyway! So, i am therefore deciding to take up Buddhism, as the Buddhists work towards freeing themselves from wants or desires. Now wouldnt that make life easier! (though possibly a little dull, i shall wait and see....

Redz xx

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Can Murphy's Law really be manipulated?

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