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One interesting thing about Rashomon is the way in which it uses Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's original short story as a framing device for an adaptation of another of his works; the bulk of the film, i.e. all that doesn't take place at the Rashomon Gate, in based on Yabu no Naka ('In a Grove'). The actual Rashomon short story is quite different from the film; it features a 'servant' who has become unemployed and is turning to thievery, but can't quite convince himself to do it until he encounters an old woman taking the hairs of corpses, and she argues an 'every man for himself' approach to life.

Apparently the entire Rashomon framing device has much to do with Kurosawa's having trouble getting film companies to produce the picture.

The ending does seem rather glib given what's preceded it... I've read that Kurosawa wanted stormclouds in the background to suggest the possibility of future troubles, but he wasn't allowed to wait for them.

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