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Very interesting smiley - ok I liked the idea of making your own jewellery! I think we can make belts as well!
smiley - cheers


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Sea Change

This *is* really cool.

But you have forgotten one of the most important tool: small yogurt cups with sealable lids to store the beads, strings and findings so that they don't get eaten or swatted into the next room by your cat. smiley - biggrin


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Barneys Bucksaws

Excellent! We're lapidists, and make jewelery with stone. I love working with beads, and this is an excellent set of instructions. If working with fishing line, I've found the best knot to use is the Trilene knot fishermen use.

Turn 2 small loops in the line and hold tightly between thumb and forefinger. Take the end of the line and turn it around both loops 4 or 5 times. Wet the turnings (a fisherman uses spit). Pull both ends of the line till you have a small tidy knot. Nip off the tag-end. I use waterproof glue or clear nail polish just to make sure it won't unravel. I figure if this knot will keep my hook on the line when a jackfish attacks, it'll hold a necklace together!

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