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I read somewhere once that the story of cinderella is based on an old oriental story that was used to promote foot binding.

Note that in Cinderella, the Prince found Cinderella cause of her tiny feet - the only ones in the village that could fit the little glass slipper.

So in fact the story was saying small feet make you attractive!



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that's interesting... one of the legends say that cinderella's origins were european, and that her shoes were originally made of hide. maybe somewhere somehow it got mixed up with chinese legends, and became what it is today. the evolution of memes...


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Well theres four possible explainations, one that Cinderella was based on a ancient Chinese story. As it contains concepts such as fairies and magic these are all very common in north europian folklore so may be taken from elements of our ancient stories. Alternatively according to one concept in media studies there is only actually ten different stories and each story only has a few basic variations once cultural significance is taken out of it.

Or it was entirely made up by the named author.


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure our Cinderella, as we know it, was French, but probably Oriental at its roots. I think I've even heard a Japanese version of it, and I know I've heard the Chinese one.


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Malabarista - now with added pony

Well, in the medieval French version, the slipper is indeed made of hide - with the fur still on it.

And the prince goes around trying every maiden's "fur slipper" until he finds the one that fits best - that's symbolism all its own!


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Hi, just one more thing, the french for fur is "fourrure" which in the old verbal tradition over the years became corrupted into "verre" - glass, much more glam than furry slippers if not as comfy!

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